Neverfail Leadership

Brian Hierholzer
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Recognized internationally by his peers in the IT and cloud computing communities as an innovator, Brian has the foresight to create and execute on industry leading trends and business models. Prior to starting Neverfail, he founded two leading edge telecom companies. He is featured in numerous trade publications and media interviews for his guidance and insight into the future of both the cloud and IT industries. Additionally, Brian is listed as one of the top cloud influencers in the world.


Mark Almeida-Cardy

Chief Infrastructure Officer

Born from a engineering background, Mark can be often found in the technology trenches with his team. Over the last 20 years Mark has been a part of Datacenter technology from, polishing fibers, to mass consolidation of Infrastructure to the emergence of Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). “Technology teams have a lot to be excited about right now. With the emergence of SDDC and the growing demand for MicroServices any one individual working in the industry has a huge opportunity for growth and success.”

Stuart Clark

Chief Information Security Officer

Stuart is a proven security leader with 20 years of experience in removing roadblocks and aligning security to enable organizational excellence. Prior to working with Neverfail, he was Director of Security at SocialWare. Earlier, he was Information Security Officer at Solis Security. Prior to Solis, he was a Chief Security Officer and Crime Prevention Officer at American Bank of Texas and West Lake Hills, TX Police Department, respectively.

Dave Hierholzer

Chief Financial Officer

Dave Hierholzer is a graduate of Kansas State University where he studied Finance and Management. He has worked professionally in finance and accounting for 20 years. Before venturing into the Tech industry with Neverfail, he spent 17 years in resort real estate development. He lives in Golden, Colorado and considers himself very lucky to be married to his best friend, Leigh. Together, they are the proud parents of two sons.

Kevin McCarthy

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin McCarthy brings a deep understanding of SaaS, virtualization, and enterprise software to Neverfail. He joined us when Neverfail acquired Vertiscale Workspace-as-a-Service software, where he was VP of Engineering. Prior to that, he was CTO for ThinkTank (GroupSystems), a collective intelligence software platform used by government agencies and large corporations. He has also served as President of IntraMeta, which offers a hosted operations support system (OSS) used by telecoms companies, ISPs, and service centers and as Senior Architect for ChipData, which provides design-chain management software for the semiconductor industry.

Ivan Kuhn

SVP, Carrier and Government Sales

Ivan has over 27 years in the Communications industry and brings various different leadership roles to the company. Prior to joining Neverfail, Ivan served as Chief Business Development Officer with Nex-Tech Inc., where he lead the sales, marketing, advertising and strategic direction towards revenue growth of the company. Prior to Nex-Tech, Ivan held the position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IdeaTek Communications and before that, he held several sales leadership positions for Cox Communications. Ivan brings his telco industry knowledge to Neverfail to assist Carriers in providing enhanced cloud based services to their clients across the globe.


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