reDefining Independent, 3rd Party Assessment (Cloned Site)

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  1. method by advanced robotic process automated means, automating evidence, testing, and assurance
  2. independent, unbiased assessment process, producing immutable forensic grade data integrity
  3. machine-driven method for collecting evidence data from its source, bypassing all traditional intermediaries

Auditmation In A Sentence:

    // As a neutral arbiter between source systems and assessors, Auditmation replaces the dependency on people, processes and tools with machine-validated truth.

The TRUTH and Nothing But

Today's archaic human-driven security audit structure is broken, and so is the trust behind it. Trusting the integrity of self-attested (fingers crossed) vendor compliance and security questionnaires is over. The TRUTH can no longer be hidden.

Auditmation™ is driving a new standard for assuring the integrity of a company's audit evidence and data. Auditmation™ introduces the industry's ONLY independent, 3rd party audit assurance and automation platform; driven by assessor-led collaborations, centralized audit logic catalog, and continuous machine-validated attest and data reporting.

The highest level of trust IMAGINABLE

Real-time visibility into every internal control and downstream compliance

Independent, machine truth compliance and security posture

Unbiased risk posture without human intermediaries

Self-service vendor and customer security questionnaires without operational impact

Increasing internal audit scale and velocity without hiring additional resources

Completing audits without the operational burden on employees

Traditional Audit vs. Zero Trust Machine Truth

Which drives continuous risk mitigation throughout your entire business?

Human-Driven Audit

Drives only 10% risk out of the business, once a year

Typical framework requirements like SOC 2 and others, set a low bar! With only a 10% population sampling standard and manual evidence collection (once a year), validity is questionable. It's literally impossible for organizations to achieve a security and compliance posture that will drive any tangible risk from the business.

  • 10% population, annually

  • Low-to-no scaleability

  • No competitive differentiation

  • "Validation" by spreadsheets

  • No vendor InfoSec assurance


Continuously drives tangible risk out of the business

Regardless of the framework, robotic process automation bots drive audit functions and Population/Coverage/Frequency levels that can be optimized to 100% - daily. As optimization increases, the operational burden on staff shifts from non-productive audit support tasks to high value business objectives.

  • 100% population, every day

  • Risk mitigation at high scale

  • Competitive distinction

  • Truth by R/T source data

  • Manage vendor InfoSec SLAs

Immutable Data Integrity

Immutable truth removes human and tool dependencies, in favor of independent, machine-assessed logic across every piece of evidence and control test.

Collective Assurance

Data assurance and validity through the collective power of peers, domain experts, and industry leaders

Competitive Differentiation

Increase competitive distinction and compliance posture by being the most trusted, validated, and secure company in any market

Inside Out Mitigation

Mitigate risk from the inside out through independent machine audits, on every control, every single day

Supply Chain Integrity

Mitigate supply chain and vendor risk by replacing spreadsheets with continuous, independent machine validation

Use Cases

Scale Audit Management

  • Increase operational efficiency and scale without adding staff

  • Grow top line valuation through continuous auditing recurring revenue

  • Build and publish IRL's and testing logic (RPA Bots) by framework

  • Repeatable machine-validated audit structure at the highest data integrity

Machine-Driven Assessments

  • From spreadsheets to directly embedded business recommendations

  • Build and publish policy, control, and implementation statement catalogs

  • Maximize ROI in the shortest time possible

  • Increase focus on high value recurring services

Third Party Risk Management

  • Remove dependency and trust on InfoSec spreadsheets and security agreements

  • Vendor accountability and security assurance to highest SLAs

  • Differentiate through access to real time security and controls dashboard

  • Drive down TPRM program management costs

Integrated Evidence, Testing & Remediation

  • Transform eGRC portal into a single source of machine-validated truth

  • Extend automation to evidence collection, control testing, & remediation

  • Increase stickiness, retention, and revnue

  • Holistic view of policy, risk, and compliance posture you can trust


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