Federal Government IT Provider Embarks on a Zero Downtime Mission


  • Improved company uptime by 100%
  • Better customer service and improved internal communications
  • Increased protection for a rapidly evolving network of databases

The Challenge

Centurum is an organization capable of providing mission-critical services that the Department of Defense and other Government agencies rely upon, as well as listen and respond rapidly to its user's needs. No other company of similar size is able to provide one-stop and cost-effective solutions to enterprises like Centurum can.

Centurum was the result of a three-company merge and the now single entity needed a way to unify all three factions under the same corporate umbrella, without application downtime. For the newly formed company, it was decided that it was time to put a disaster recovery solution in place to protect Centurum's valuable assets and the communication that is critical to its success.

Neverfail's Continuity Engine was chosen to protect Centurum's communications and Neverfail's other continuity products proved to be match their unique needs and price point.

“We needed a way to take the deduplicated data produced by Veeam backup jobs, aggregate it together, and apply another round of global deduplication. This would not only substantially reduce our costs, it would improve the performance of our DRaaS system. HybriStor was a perfect fit and it’s proving out to decrease our total storage requirement by right around 95%, which helps our bottom line tremendously.”

-Drew Terrell, Owner of RunBiz Solutions