Think Smart

Finding the Right Combination in Neverfail and 2x Software Partnership


  • Partnerships with Neverfail and 2X Software has brought a new level of flexibility and immediacy to Think Smart
  • Neverfail's ever-growing range of applications has increased the solutions the company can offer to its customers
  • Utilizing the support team from both Neverfail and a certified solution provider ensures the right answer every time.

The Challenge

Think Smart focuses on building innovative and cost effective ways to help businesses achieve success through technology. It wishes to provide the most secure, comprehensive services and support available to our clients at an affordable cost.

Think Smart first chose to partner with Neverfail as its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, which was an ideal fit because Neverfail allows complete autonomy, control, security, and visibility of their infrastructure. Think Smart never has to worry about Neverfail going after its customers because Neverfail never sells direct and instead brings customers to Think Smart. However, Think Smart still needed a reliable virtual desktop technology for clients.

After speaking with a representative at Neverfail, 2X Software, a global leader of scalable desktop and application delivery, was suggested. The combination of both Neverfail and 2X Software works for all customers and has lowered Think Smart's customer deployment time by more than 200%.

“We needed a way to take the deduplicated data produced by Veeam backup jobs, aggregate it together, and apply another round of global deduplication. This would not only substantially reduce our costs, it would improve the performance of our DRaaS system. HybriStor was a perfect fit and it’s proving out to decrease our total storage requirement by right around 95%, which helps our bottom line tremendously.”

-Drew Terrell, Owner of RunBiz Solutions