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Continuity Engine 6.7 to 8.0

See how Continuity Engine makes business continuity management better than ever with:

  • Easier installation & deployment
  • Easier, centralized management 
  • Easy expansion for virtual and physical environments

Bulletproof Business Continuity

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Continuity Engine is Better Than Ever

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Ease of Installation

Point and click deployments in as few as 12 clicks (previously 100+). Automated licensing from within the Engine GUI makes centralized deployments easier than ever. New wizard-driven cloning and installation based on tens of thousands of successful global installs with improved IP routing functionality.

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Ease of Management

Version 8.0 features a centralized administration via a new web-based management client. Upgraded system management features Inline upgrades and multi-node roll outs, increased filtering efficiencies, faster replication and re-synch times, and built in WAN acceleration.

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Ease of Expansion

Imbedded plugins automate the protection of leading Microsoft applications out of the box. Expanded protection for VMware, Hyper-V, CitrixXen, KVM and P2P environments maximize virtualization investments while filling the business continuity gaps that put your business at risk.

Version 8: Simplifying Business Continuity Management

Our singular mission in developing version 8 was to make your life easier and free up precious resource time, while still ensuring the backbone of critical applications your business depends on are always available and fully protected from any form of downtime!

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