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Neverfail's Workspace-as-a-Service is a simple, easy-to-use cloud solution that enables organizations to deliver productivity-boosting IT capabilities with the click of a button.

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Why Workspace-as-a-Service?

  • Increased productivity: Your employees can do work from any machine that’s handy.
  • Improved employee satisfaction: Giving people the option to use their own computers eliminates the need for them to carry multiple devices — one for personal use and one for business use.
  • Cost savings: When you support BYOD, you don’t always need to buy computers for new employees.

"Neverfail Workspaces' BYOD and remote access functions, combined with its excellent security profile, gives us a big advantage over our competitors."

-Lee Stauss, CEO at AnchorPoint Security

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Neverfail Workspaces keeps sensitive data off devices, and keeps it safely in your data center. Eliminate the fear of device theft and unwanted cyber attacks with remote access control and role delegation.

Managed by your MSP within a familiar cloud interface, Neverfail Workspaces requires no training from your end-user clients. Start reaping the benefits from your clients immediately!

Neverfail Workspaces works on any device, any time, any where. Enable your clients to use their own devices, or bundle Workspace-as-a-Service with existing hardware for maximum revenue gain.


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