The TRUTH And Nothing But...

The Neverfail audit automation (Auditmation™) platform delivers an unbiased, machine-based evidence solution that enables auditors and vendor managers to perform immutable assessments of real-time compliance, risk, and security postures through automated evidence collection, control testing, and assurance validation.

As an external, machine-driven process, Auditmation™ does not rely on people, tools, questionnaires, or scans. Instead, it relies solely on machine-validated truth as the path to actual risk assurance.

Application-Aware Business Continuity Software

Companies rely on a complex and ever-changing IT environment to underpin nearly all aspects of business operations. The increasing reliance of business on applications makes downtime and data loss unacceptable.

Only the Neverfail Continuity Engine delivers continuous availability that businesses, their users, and their customers demand for their most important business services.

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