AWS Terraform Troubleshooting

If any of your Terraform jobs fail during infrastructure or bot deployment, an incorrect or a typo in the Github Secret entry is a common reason. We suggest to update all the Secrets and to re-run the job by updating the Apply file. Follow the steps below.

  1. Select Settings from the GitHub Nav bar of the repository that failed to deploy.

  1. Select Secrets from the Column of options.

  1. Select the Update button on for each entry and re-enter the appropriate data. Ensure that there are no spaces before or after the entries.

  1. Select Update secret after changes are made.

  2. After making updating all the secrets, select Code from the GitHub Nav bar.

  1. Depending on which repository you are modifying, the apply file will be in a different location:

    1. Infrastructure Repository, select terraform (folder) → apply (file).

    2. Bot Function Repository, select apply (file).

  2. Select the pencil icon to edit the file.

  1. From within the edit windows, add an extra space (hit enter).

  1. Select Commit changes from the bottom of the page. Note: only until a change is made in the file will the Commit changes button be enabled for clicking.

  1. Select Actions from the GitHub Nav bar.

  2. Select the latest running workflow.

  3. Select Terraform Job to track deployment.