How to Sign Up for Power BI

  1. Go to - Click Start free button.

  1. Click Start free button again.
    (There are 2 screens)

  1. Add your email address - Click Sign up.

  1. Enter your phone number - Click Text me.

  1. Enter code that was texted to you- Click Sign up.

  1. Did you get your email address from your company?
    Click Yes.

  1. Go to your email account, and copy the code that was mailed to you.

  1. Return to PowerBI and create your account.

  2. Enter user name and provide a password.

  3. Enter the code that was emailed to you.

  4. Enter region and click Start.

  1. You have the option to invite more people, or Skip.

  1. Enter PowerBI home.

  2. Click Try free in top right corner.

  1. Start 60 day free Pro trial - click Start trial.

  1. Power BI Pro is yours for 60 days - Click Got it.