Configure WIQ Approval Team Feature

Adding Slack WIQ Team Feature

  1. From the WorkflowIQ dashboard, click on Teams.

  1. Click the + under Approvals the Teams list in WIQ, click the “+” under Approvals.

  1. (Assuming Slack) Select Slack as the Driver, then click ADD TO SLACK.

  1. It will redirect you to the Slack sign in page. Enter your organization’s existing Slack workspace name/url, then click Continue.

  1. Input your email and password and click Sign in.

  1. Click Allow on the permissions access page.

  1. Create a new Slack channel called “Approvals,” or pick another existing channel for where you want the WIQ approvals sent, once configured.

  2. Go into any Slack chat and input the command “/approvals” which will initiate the final Slack configuration window.

  1. You will see a window that resembles this one below in which you can configure each desired channel. If you are currently in the POC, you will see only the “IT” team to configure.