Configure WIQ Approval Team Feature

Adding Slack WIQ Team Feature

  1. From the WorkflowIQ dashboard, click on Connections.

  1. Click “+ ADD CONNECTION".

  1. (Assuming Slack) Select Slack as the Driver, then click ADD TO SLACK.

  1. It will redirect you to the Slack sign in page. Enter your organization’s existing Slack workspace name/url, then click Continue.

  1. Input your email and password and click Sign in.

  1. Click Allow on the permissions access page.

  1. Return to your WIQ UI screen and then click on the "CONNECTIONS" in the screen menu.

  2. You will see that connection confirmation page.

  1. Return to the WIQ Home page, then select Teams.

  1. Click on the "+" icon under APRPOVALS.

  1. Select Existing Connection.

  1. Now open your Slack application instance.

  2. Create or use an existing "Approvals" channel, where you want the WIQ approvals sent.

  1. Type the approvals command ("/approvals").

  1. Choose your team, then click Configure.

  1. Go back to your WIQ screen and Select Existing Connection.

  1. Select NEXT.

  1. Per the note on this next screen, go back to your Slack instance.

  2. Click on the "2 replies" hyperlink.

  1. On the right-hand side of your Slack window, click Approve, to approve the request.

  1. Enter a numeric value for Time Spent.

  1. Go back to WIQ, and click NEXT.

  1. The Worflow IQ Approval Test status will now indicate "Approved". Click NEXT to proceed.

  1. Test summary page will appear and now you are done.


NEXT STEPS: Return to your task system and close out this ticket, then keep an eye out your next deployment task.