Continuous Controls Sandbox Deployment

Welcome to your Continuous Controls Sandbox Deployment!  This deployment delivers an active state test environment with fully deployed virtual infrastructure, compliance bots, and a Power BI dashboard.  It's designed to satisfy 3 key objectives for engaged stakeholders:

Understand how the Continuous Controls platform and deployed bots will interact with their infrastructure.

Deepen your understanding of the systems architecture and technical requirements to validate against your internal policies, control objectives, and resources.

Preview and validate the value that compliance automation can bring to your organization.

Deployment Milestones

The Sandbox deployment consists of 4 sequential phases to launch into an “active state” environment:

Workflow IQ Onboarding

Power BI

Infrastructure Deployment

Bot Automation Deployment

Before We Begin

Preparing for Onboarding & Deployments

In preparation for onboarding, the following application prerequisites must be in place:


  • Power BI Pro account
  • account
  • AWS or Azure account
  • Supported task system
  • Supported approval system

Most organizations will already have active accounts/subscriptions for all or most of the items above.  For more details and "how to" information about our prerequisites, click on the button/link below.  

Let's Get Started

Sandbox Onboarding Deployments

Once the prerequisites are completed, you will be invited to start your Workflow IQ onboarding.

1. Workflow IQ Onboarding

Teams and task system configuration

Workflow IQ (WIQ) enables continuous collaboration (manage tasks and gain approvals) between Continuous Controls and your teams.  Once this initial configuration is complete, WIQ will automatically execute the remaining deployment tasks directly to your internal task system.

Completion time: 20 minutes
Skill level: System admin

2. Power BI Deployment

Deployment dashboard and user experience

After test suites are created and configured, you will have access to test run data via Power BI dashboards. Changes to tested components can be made, along with how changes impact test results. In both AWS and Azure portals, full visibility is provided to Key Vaults, bot configuration files, function logs, evidence, and evidence chain of custody records.

Completion time: 20 minutes
Skill level: Application user

3. Infrastructure Deployment

Azure and AWS assets provisioning

The deployment will stand up a fully functioning AWS or Azure test environment using Github Actions and Terraform.  This process will show how to deploy and govern "infrastructure as code" using a modern, DevOps approach.

Completion time: 40 minutes
Skill level: System admin

4. Bot Automation Deployment

Evidence collection, testing, and remediation

Once the infrastructure is in place, we will show you how to deploy and configure evidence collection bots, and demonstrate how to configure key vaults to keep your systems safe and secure.  Additionally, you understand how Continuous Controls can work inside your existing change control process.

Completion time: 30 minutes
Skill level: System admin