Power BI Dashboard Deployment

Welcome to the Neverfail Continuous Controls (NFCC) Power BI Dashboard Deployment phase. Here you will be tasked to deploy and configure the CTAC Power BI App using an app link and a set of database credentials provided by Neverfail.

The approximate time expected to complete these tasks is 10 minutes.

Power BI Dashboard Deployment Prerequisites

Before proceeding with this deployment, you will need the following data points and application access credentials:

  • Database Username / UUID: Provided by your NFCC Engagement Lead.

  • Database Password: Provided by your NFCC Engagement Lead.

  • Power BI Pro licensing (https://app.powerbi.com)

  • Link to NFCC CTAC PowerBI App

1. Power BI App Deployment

  1. Login to https://app.powerbi.com/ using your normal credentials.

  2. Visit the NFCC CTAC PowerBI App link provided by your engagement lead.

  3. Click Install (This Power BI App). If you cannot install it, a Pro license is required.

  1. If prompted, create a new Workspace.

  2. If a Workspace creation prompt appears, input name “NFCC POC” or any other desired name.

  1. Click into the new Workspace tile.

  2. Select Connect from within Connect Your Data panel.

  3. Click Next on the Parameters panel.

  1. Input the provided Database Username / UUID variable into the “User name” field.

  2. Input the provided Database Password into the “Password” field.

  3. Set “Privacy level setting for this data source” field to Private.

  4. Click Sign in.

Power BI deployment is DONE. Time for a quick restroom break!

UP NEXT: Your next deployment task ticket (Infrastructure) is waiting for you in JIRA.