Continuity Engine 2021

Welcome to a Whole New User Experience

How will existing customers be affected?

New Dashboard

The new dashboards provide the first ever KPI reporting for Continuity Engine for individual protected systems and all protected application servers collectively.

Cluster Status

The new UI provides much more information about the cluster than ever before.

Deployment Wizard

The new deployment wizard streamlines three independent wizards in Continuity Engine v8.5 into one graphical representation of the cluster in Continuity Engine 2021. Users simply fill in the blanks with the appropriate IP addresses,host, and datastore information and click the NEXT button to build the cluster automatically!

A New Subscription Licensing Model

Continuity Engine is replacing its perpetual licenses model with a subscription licensing model. Here are the new options.

Upgrade Wizard

  • Provides instructions on how to upgrade existing Continuity Engine Deployments.
  • Make sure you read the LEARN MORE. This KB provides an overview of the new TERM and RENTAL license models.
  • Each time you go into Continuity Engine protected pair, you will be asked to upgrade.
  • Customers do NOT have to upgrade! Their perpetual license is still supported, and they can use the HTML5 EMS but will not have access to the new features.
  • New API’s have been implemented to support features in the EMS for Continuity Engine 9.0 and higher.

More Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Continuity Engine 2021

Engine 8.0 and below will
End-of-Life September 1, 2021.

New features will only be available in 9.0 under the new term licensing model.

As long as you're current on maintenance, your upgrade to TERM license is free!

FREE Engine 2021 training from the Neverfail Learning Management System.
($1500 value - Expires 3/31/21)

Completely Redesigned UI

  • Flash to HTML5 migration
  • Completely redesigned with the following key features:
    • Dashboard: Reports critical KPI for individual and entire Continuity Engine deployment.
    • Unified Deployment Wizard: Deploy Continuity Engine with a single wizard that is a graphical representation of the cluster being deployed.
    • Manage VM Inventories: Continuity Engine can be deployed from a new inventory list enumerated from vCenter. It will also indicate which system(s) are protected and which ones are not.
    • Shortcuts: Continuity Engine provides shortcuts to major features and functions embedded throughout the UI.
    • Internationalization: Language Support for English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Romanian.

NOTE: These are just a few of the newly redesigned features.

New Licensing Mechanism

Will support term and rental licensing options for both on premise
and hosted environments

Redesigned eLearning and Online Help

Neverfail's eLearning system will be updated with new content specific to Engine 2021. The new online help is being redesigned with a “HOW TO” approach to product information with simple explanations.

New Method of Reporting Engine Deployments to OEMs

Streamlines financial reporting of OEM deployments. Neverfail will now have the mechanism to report what OEM application licenses are paired with Continuity Engine deployments.

New to Continuity Engine?

Learn more on how to setup continuous availability for your critical applications