Neverfail Workspaces

Cloud-Based Application Delivery & Management

  • Automate, Deploy, and Manage Service Delivery with Virtual Desktops and Applications in the Cloud

  • Provide Access to Applications from Anywhere on Any Device

  • Enhance Security with Data Encryption at Rest and In-Transit

Neverfail Workspaces

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Deliver Cloud-Based Applications to Anyone, Anywhere, and On Any Device

Neverfail Workspaces lets you automate, manage and deliver the same intuitive user experience for IT services and applications to all devices.

Your can deliver secure remote access to IT services from anywhere without sacrificing security. Keep your users data out of the hands of hackers and behind the walls of a secure data center with encryption in-transit and at-rest.

Neverfail Workspaces' BYOD and remote access functions, combined with its excellent security profile, gives us a big advantage over our competitors.

- Lee Stauss, CEO, Anchorpoint Security

Enhance Security for Application & Service Delivery

Neverfail Workspaces keeps sensitive data off devices, and keeps it safely in your data center. Eliminate the threats to your data security posed by fear of device theft and unwanted cyber attacks with remote access control and role delegation.

Workspaces also automatically logs every time someone accesses systems where sensitive data is stored and saves those logs in the Neverfail data center.

Allow Users to Access Apps on Any Device

BYOD is one of the most significant trends in the IT industry today and demands upon businesses to offer BYOD will continue to grow.

Neverfail Workspaces works on any device, any time, any where — without creating security problems. Use Workspaces to improve the productivity of your organization and reduce costs by introducing BYOD without creating security risks.

Get Started in Just Minutes

Managed access, roles, and security profiles from a simple, intuitive cloud interface.

Workspaces requires no end-user training and configuration is a breeze. It creates a standardized method for accessing your organization's applications and data and controls how data is accessed inside or outside of a cloud- based third party systems, including accounting and HR systems.


Expand Protection and Improve Security

The system protects ALL of your sensitive information, including everything that’s not stored in any cloud-based applications (like Salesforce, Concur, or Office365). It also handles your accounting and billing systems, HR tools, transcription applications, email, and anything else that contains sensitive data.

Improved Access Control

Workspaces protects against unauthorized access by storing data in a protected location and maintaining a carefully gated application architecture.

Your Choice: VMware or Hyper-V

Workspaces utilizes a flexible architecture that supports either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization environments.

Reduce Costs and Simplify Operations

Eliminate complicated VPNs and reduce the need for expensive an encryption system. Workspaces makes maintenance less time consuming and you can use existing servers if you'd like to reduce costs. Its very light footprint means you can save money by delaying expensive hardware upgrades.

Flexible Hosting Options

You can host Workspaces yourself if you like. Our technical requirements are simple and most data centers can handle a Workspaces deployment.

Reduce Hacker Risk

Workspaces exposes only a very narrow cross section of your infrastructure to the public internet, greatly reducing the risk of attacks.



Lower your operating costs, enhance security, and improve productivity

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