Is the Thought of Downtime Keeping You Up at Night?

Rest easy knowing Neverfail's Continuity Engine (CE) has been ensuring the availability of mission-critical applications on VMware for over 15 years. Find out how CE proactively protects VMware vCenter Server from downtime with:

  • Application-aware intelligence prevents downtime before it happens
  • Real-time replication, failover, and failback for near-zero recovery times
  • Seamless integration of physical and virtual servers for total data protection
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From vCenter Heartbeat to Continuity Engine

Continuity Engine continues to evolve from its high availability (“HA”) roots into a fully integrated BC/DR solution for the enterprise.

Engine’s evolution has been critically acclaimed by TechTarget with a 2015 Backup & Recovery Software of the Year nomination and Best of Show at VMworld 2013.

Find out how Neverfail Continuity Engine is the full-fledged alternative to vCenter Server Heartbeat and goes beyond HA for complete data protection.

“Deploying and managing IT systems is Centurum’s business and for such highly regulated and crucial customers, there is no tolerance for downtime of any kind. Prior to Neverfail, we were essentially relying on luck to keep things running smoothly.”

-Perry Golden, Senior Systems Engineer, Centurum

A True Replacement for vCenter Server Heartbeat

Neverfail's vCenter Server Heartbeat is now Continuity Engine. With over 15 years of experience protecting vCenter Server, our product goes beyond high availability for true continuous data protection.

Proactively Protect vCenter from Downtime

Continuity Engine determines whether VMs are running correctly and measures their consumption of system-level resources and application-level behaviors such as response times, service availability and database availability.

Enhance Failover/Failback for vCenter

When application-level failure events are detected, Continuity Engine calls the VMware HA APIs to initiate failover within the virtual cluster - delivering protection from the broadest range of threats in order to keep your applications continuously available.

Extend VMware SRM to Physical Servers

Seamlessly integrate physical and virtual servers within VMware SRM Recovery Plans. By leveraging Neverfail’s technology, you can now standardize on SRM to protect your entire server inventory, not just applications deployed on vSphere.

Simplify High Availability in Your Enterprise

Find out how continuity engine provides a true clone-based architecture that boasts no boot times, which speeds up Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) to near-zero. Keep your recovery architecture simple!

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Customer Case Study: Protecting vCenter Applications from Downtime

When Clever Devices realized that even a moment of downtime was not an option for America's bustling transportation industry, they turned to Neverfail's Continuity Engine to prevent downtime for good. Watch the video to find out how they did it.

Neverfail Keeps Gartner Quadrant Leaders Highly Available

"Our partnership with Neverfail provides us with the capability to full proof our system with a process that proactively prevents system downtime."

— Matt Lane, Geist DCIM President