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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Datasheet: Continuity Engine

Only Neverfail's Continuity Engine delivers the continuous availability that businesses, their users, and their customers demand for their most important online services.

Datasheet: What's New in Continuity Engine 8.1

Only Neverfail's Continuity Engine delivers the continuous availability that businesses, their users, and their customers demand for their most important online services.

Datasheet: Continuity Engine — Version 8.0 compared to Version 6.7

With the 8th generation of Continuity Engine, we’ve made it easier than ever to add true resiliency to enterprise IT operations. Continuity Engine continues to be the most advanced, fully integrated HA/DR/BC solution on the market.

Datasheet: HybriStor Global Deduplication Target and Object Storage Gateway

HybriStor deduplication across sites, replication to multiple sites, and WAN optimization between sites. With multi-tenant support and using a single pane-of-glass management system, this groundbreaking appliance will solve all of your secondary data storage growth problems while helping you meet your recovery requirements - on-premise, across sites and even into the cloud.

Datasheet: Health Check Service

Neverfail Health Check is a professional service offering to ensure customers receive optimum value from a Neverfail software deployment. Our expert engineering team will perform this onsite assessment of an existing protected environment.

Continuity Engine: Technical White Paper

Neverfail Continuity Engine keeps critical applications and business services in the datacenter continuously running and operational 24/7, while protecting them against down-time from any type of threat or failure conditions.

White Paper: Protecting VMware vCenter Server from Downtime

Neverfail Continuity Engine provides a single solution to protect all vCenter v5 and v6 components, ensuring the uptime and protection of business critical applications on VMware.

White Paper: Common Disaster Recovery Plan Misconceptions

See how to develop a disaster recovery plan that effectively minimizes risk and ensures that business continues after a disaster strikes.

White Paper: Continuous Availability for Mission-Critical Applications

This white paper outlines many of the common deployment scenarios that such organizations face and describes how Neverfail Continuous Availability and virtualization can be used to deliver a more complete, consistent and cost effective availability solution for mission-critical, business applications.

Case Study: J O Hambro Capital Guarantees Resiliency with Continuity Engine

An international asset management company worked with Neverfail to implement Continuity Engine to protect their third party and custom applications. As a result, the firm enjoys guaranteed application and service uptime, which ensures that investment portfolios can continue to grow, while supporting business and end-user efficiency.

Case Study: Federal Government IT Provider Embarks on Zero Downtime Mission

Centurum implemented Continuity Engine to protect its email server environments that are so important for constant communication, and to protect its rapidly evolving network of databases.

Case Study: Neverfail Ensures 24x7 Availability of Mission-Critical Applications in Earthquake-Prone Zone

Stockbridge Real Estate Funds manages real estate investments throughout the US and has led and participated in the development of numerous high profile commercial real estate projects, such as the redevelopment of Bay Meadows Racetrack in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company needed a way to ensure 100% uptime for their critical business applications.

Case Study: How One Community Bank Took Personal Service to the Technology Level

The Equitable Bank wanted to show that its customer service went deeper than personal contact. It sought out a fail safe continuous availability solution and selected Continuity Engine to protect its mission-critical servers.

Cloud Technology & Services

Datasheet: Neverfail Secure Public Cloud

When it comes to providing cloud services, security and scalability are an absolute requirement for uninterrupted operations.

Datasheet: Neverfail Private Cloud

Private combines the autonomy, control, security and visibility of private cloud with a flexible, predictable price model.

Datasheet: Neverfail Private Cloud for VMware

Get the best out of Private Cloud and vCloud Suite. Neverfail offers service providers the ability to build vSphere-based private clouds that can dramatically improve efficiency, agility and control.

Datasheet: Neverfail Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud provides a dedicated server environment that eliminates the overhead of virtualization without sacrificing the flexibility and scalability of cloud.

Datasheet: Neverfail Cloud Architecture

Our resilient architectures deliver clouds with the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to disruptions and maintain continuous business operations.

Datasheet: Compliance & Privacy in the Neverfail Cloud

The Neverfail cloud platform is designed with multiple layers of security, compliance, and privacy controls. We work day and night behind the scenes to protect our partners and customers.

Datasheet: DDoS Mitigation Services in the Neverfail Cloud

DDoS Mitigation Services continuously protects service providers and mitigates attacks that interrupt availability of systems and networks.

Datasheet: Commodity versus Neverfail Cloud

Commodity cloud providers try and fit you in a "one-size-fits-all" bucket. It's time for a cloud that's as unique as your business.

White Paper: Four Misconceptions of Commodity Cloud Providers

In today’s market, four major misconceptions about commodity cloud vendors can lead organizations toward higher costs and sub-par results. Learn why vendors with the biggest marketing budgets don't always deliver the best results.

White Paper: The Three Reasons You Need a Cloud Partner, Not a Provider

Commodity cloud vendors aren’t always the best fit for your business. This white paper explores the ways in which a more focused cloud partner could give you and your customers a better experience that leads to optimized business value.

White Paper: Four Steps to Securing Your Cloud Infrastructure

This white paper explores how a secure cloud that your customers — and you — ought to demand in order to ensure an optimized level of security in the cloud.

White Paper: The Cloud Conundrum — Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?

There are opportunities for multiple approaches to cloud — and since every customer is different, what fits one organization may not fit another.

Case Study: Swizznet grows 400% with Neverfail Secure Public Cloud

A popular Quickbooks hosting service experienced 400% growth, eliminated delivery performance issues, and generated improved customer relationships after developing a new hosting solution based on the Neverfail cloud platform.

Case Study: Cal Net Lands High Profile Customers Using Neverfail Cloud Services

Cal Net Technology Group is one of the largest and most respected IT companies in Southern California. The company offers full and partially outsourced IT service and support capabilities, cloud capabilities, infrastructure design and implementation, security services, and unified communications to small and medium sized business with remote and on site models.

Case Study: CloudJumper Strengthens Customer Relationships and Expands Market with Neverfail Cloud

CloudJumper worked with Neverfail to develop a customized cloud platform to support a scalable service delivery platform to support Workspace-as-a-Service and other offerings. This reduced the company's costs, helped improve margins, and made it possible for them to expand geographically without requiring major new capital expenditures.

Case Study: IndependenceIT Gains Control Over Cloud Delivery and Pricing

Neverfail's engineering team worked with IndependenceIT to fully understand their software and the variety of architecture configurations needed to support their customers. Using Cloud Architect, Neverfail's cloud management platform, engineers developed a reusable W/DaaS blueprint.

Cloud Workspaces / Workspace-as-a-Service

Datasheet: Neverfail Workspaces for Business Applications

Neverfail Workspaces makes it easy to deliver secure, cloudbased remote access and BYOD capabilities to users, including those subject to industry specific compliance requirements.

Datasheet: Neverfail Workspaces for Healthcare Applications

Neverfail Workspaces makes it easy to deploy and maintain HIPAA-compliant IT solutions supporting secure, cloud-based remote access and BYOD.

White Paper: Workspaces — Add Remote Access & BYOD with Improved Security

Learn about a proven method for establishing secure IT environments that gives authorized personnel access to the tools they need from any device in any location.

Technical Bulletin: HIPAA Security Requirements and Neverfail Workspaces

The HIPAA Security Rule — as amended and expanded by the 2013 HITECH Act — comprises hundreds of specific provisions that dictate how organizations must handle Protected Health Information (PHI) in order to be compliant. Neverfail Workspaces makes it easy for covered entities to deliver HIPAA compliant IT services to their users.

Case Study: Untangled Solutions Delivers Productivity Gains and Enables HIPAA Compliance with Neverfail

As MSPs continue to evolve into a cloud-enabled client market, cloud workspaces provides a logical and value-driven strategic direction that nullifies compliance and security concerns across many verticals.

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