Neverfail Migrate

No-Downtime Migrations Across Any Platform

  • Identically clone current production servers to a new environment

  • Instant data replication eliminates data loss & user downtime

  • Full testing and one-button switchover ensures migration success

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Simple & Efficient Server Migration without Downtime

Based on the award-winning Continuity Engine technology, you can now migrate Microsoft Windows servers in the most affordable, efficient, and effective manner possible. Hardware, physical to virtual, data center or cloud migrations are now possible without downtime, without hours of manual labor, and with full testing before making the final cut over.

Eliminate Downtime

Replicate your current production servers to a new environment/location while keeping all dependencies in place to eliminate downtime and data loss.

Migrate Quickly

Enable blazing fast migrations with WAN Acceleration that can be utilized to enhance data replication between sites with up to 30x less bandwidth required.

Scale With Ease

Migrate single servers, application groups, and even complete sites with single-button control from a unified management console for all workloads.

Move Your Data and Applications to the Cloud Without Downtime

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Clone Any Workload to Any Location:

  • Identical Clones: Replicates all of your data between the servers to ensure they share an identical persona and data set
  • Hardware Agnostic: Supports moving applications between identical or dissimilar hardware and platforms
  • Unified Management: Stand-alone console or vSphere Client console for “single pane of glass”
  • Unlimited Testing: Migrate back and over again with ease until the server migration is final 
  • Any Vendor, Any Workload: No need to match vendors with cloud providers
  • Migrate Anything: Migrate VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, and dedicated physical servers from one console
data and applications migrating from one place to another

When There’s No Time For Downtime, There's Neverfail Migrate

Neverfail Migrate helps take the fear and worry out of a migration by removing many of the unknowns from the final switchover. Rather than simply putting something new in place and crossing your fingers for success, Neverfail puts the effort up front to ensure a seamless transition when the moment of truth arrives.

Optimized Performance

Sserver analysis and optimization pre-check tools run on over 5,000 servers globally to validate the stability of hardware involved in the migration, using WAN acceleration to reduce bandwidth limitations.

Flawless Replication

Neverfail’s award-winning technology, Continuity Engine, synchronizes the data set and configuration and keeps them in sync using real-time data tracking and continuous replication.

Fast Switchover

This simple process moves each application and workload back and forth in seconds with little to no impact on users. You can fully test performance and connectivity before the final migration.

Keep Your Business Online with Neverfail Continuity Solutions

Ensure mission-critical IT systems meet recovery objectives of second to minutes with Neverfail's application-aware continuous/high availability software.

Manage explosive data growth and make the long-term retention and backup of data affordable using Neverfail's data protection and deduplication appliance.

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Neverfail Migrate

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