Protecting VMware vCenter Server From Downtime

Is the thought of application downtime keeping you up at night?

See how Neverfail Continuity Engine has been ensuring the availability and uptime of mission-critical applications on VMware for over 10 years.


Making vCenter Highly Available

Proactively Monitors & Protects vCenter from Downtime

Continuity Engine determines whether VMs are running correctly and measures their consumption of system-level resources and application-level behaviors such as response times, service availability and database availability.

Seamless Failover & Failback Capabilities for VMware HA

When application-level failure events are detected, Continuity Engine calls the VMware HA APIs to initiate failover within the virtual cluster - delivering protection from the broadest range of threats in order to keep your critical applications resilient at all times.

Extends VMware SRM to Physical Servers

Seamlessly integrate physical and virtual servers within VMware SRM Recovery Plans. By leveraging Neverfail’s technology, you can now standardize on SRM to protect your entire server inventory, not just applications deployed on vSphere.

Engine's main features

Keep your operation up and running no matter what.If an application hangs up, the system will automatically failover to your DR servers instantly, even if your primary servers are still operational.

Continuous Application Availability

Keep your operation up and running no matter what.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Every enterprise needs a well-thought-out disaster recovery strategy based on their specific requirements.

No-Downtime Migration

No-Downtime Migrations Across Any Platform

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