Simple & Efficient Server Migration without Downtime

Based on the award-winning Continuity Engine technology, you can now migrate Microsoft Windows servers in the most affordable, efficient, and effective manner possible. Hardware, physical to virtual, data center or cloud migrations are now possible without downtime, without hours of manual labor, and with full testing before making the final cut over.

Eliminate Downtime

Replicate your current production servers to a new environment/location while keeping all dependencies in place to eliminate downtime and data loss.

Migrate Quickly

Enable blazing fast migrations with WAN Acceleration that can be utilized to enhance data replication between sites with up to 30x less bandwidth required.

Scale with Ease

Migrate single servers, application groups, and even complete sites with single-button control from a unified management console for all workloads.

Keep Your Business Online With Continuity Engine:

Move Your Data and Applications to the Cloud
Without Downtime

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