Neverfail Migrate


Neverfail enables hardware, physical to virtual, data center, or cloud migra­tions with no downtime, without hours of manual labor, and with full testing before making the final cut over. You can use handle migrations between individual servers, application groups, and even complete sites with single-button control on the final switchover.

Identical Clones Keeping All Dependencies in Place

One Click Switchover

Scalable Server, Application, or Site Migration

Migrate Platforms, Data Centers, or Full Clouds

Optimized Performance and Perfect Replication

Before a migration, we utilize a server analysis and optimization tool that runs on over 5000 servers globally to validate the stability of the hardware involved, confirm that prerequisites are in place to ensure a successful migration, and compare the performance and available resources involved to known best practices.

Once the source and destination servers are identical, Neverfail replication technology synchronizes the data set and configura­tion and keeps them in sync using real-time data tracking.

Switching over with Neverfail is a simple, automated point and click process that moves each application and user workload back and forth in minutes or less with little to no impact on your user community.

If band­width limitations restrict your migration capabilities, you can utilize our bandwidth acceleration capabilities to enable data replication between sites with up to 30x less bandwidth required.


Neverfail takes the fear and worry out of a migration by removing many of the unknowns from the final switchover.