Neverfail's Disaster Recovery Tools Ensure
100% Uptime

Every enterprise needs a well thought out disaster recovery strategy based on their specific requirements.

Neverfail makes it easy for cloud service providers and enterprises to build out a complete Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) service offering.

Use a combination of on prem servers and cloud to support instant recovery for complex, multi-site, multi-tenant IT environments.


As of December 4, 2018, Neverfail Cloud is offered through Neverfail's preferred cloud service provider, Otava, a global leader in secure, compliant hybrid and multi-cloud solutions for service providers.  For more information, visit

Deliver Cost-Effective, Super-Efficient DRaaS Capabilities

Single Pane of Glass Management

Neverfail provides a comprehensive views of all SLAs, the status of all VMs and physical servers, and control over exactly how and where servers failover and recover from a single administration console.

Set SLAs When You Build VMs

Only Neverfail lets you configure SLAs at the VM level at the time you're building your VMs. This granular level of control gives you the opportunity to fine tune your disaster recovery service for maximum efficiency.

Global Deduplication Reduces Storage Requirements

Neverfail's global deduplication algorithms optimize storage utilization, supporting storage costs of less than $0.01/GB/month.

Disaster Recovery Plan


Outages do not discriminate. Not having had an outage for a year (or even ten years) does not mean you are any less vulner­able than any­one else.

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